Hair Care Guide

Improving Hair’s Longevity

To experience the ultimate luxury in you hair when using our collection you must treat the hair as you would treat your own hair. Hair should be washed every 2 to 3 weeks. Hair should be tangle free before washing. Comb hair from ends to roots wash in a downward motion. We guarantee that every wash and conditioner will restore the hairs natural luster and shine with continuous care from the moment it was received. Bleaching, dying, and or any chemical process will alter the hairs natural curl.



Luxurhair collection hair types can endure excessive amount of heat but should be kept to a minimum.

 -Flat, curling, and styling irons should always be cleaned before using them on the hair

- When using hot tools use a heat protectant

- Flexi rods, rollers, and pinning your hair can help you avoid excessive use of hot tools


 It is best if you refrain from cutting wefts. One should always seal your wefts with a proper weft sealant.

-Too much grease may weigh the hair down

- If you are wearing your hair in its natural state you can apply a small amount of curl activator throughout the hair.



Silicon mix/bamboo

Moroccan Argon oil crème

Bio silk

Garnier Fructris

Miss Jesse


Note: Please make sure you don’t have any allergies towards these or any other products you use in your hair. Luxurhair isn’t responsible for any allergies.