1. How many bundles of hair should I use?

12in to 18in use 3 bundles
20in to 36in use 3 to 4 bundles

2. Can I bleach and/or die the hair?

Yes. You can dye and/or bleach the hair.
# Please note the hair texture will alter and deep conditioners will be required after processing hair. In addition please seek a beauty and hair professional for processing hair.

*Luxurhair Collection isn’t liable for any damages done to the hair after chemically processing it.

3. How long can the hairs last?

Hair can last a 12 to 24 months depending on how you maintain it.

4. What colors does the hairs come in?

The hairs come in natural colors of browns and blacks this is the natural hair colors of the donors.

5. Will my hair curl up after straightening it?

Yes.Keep in mind the more you straighten the hair the looser the curls will become.

6. How come my hair looks shorter than the length I purchased?

You have to pull the hair down to measure its length. All curly hairs appear shorter but are the exact length when straightened.

7. Does the hair shed?

There is very minimal amounts of shedding to none at all.